WHAT THE CRITICS HAVE TO SAY..................

"KAREN BEARDSLEY is an imaginative actress with a soprano that seems to laugh at difficulties"
-The New York Times

"...vocally radiant" -New York Magazine

"...sassy perfection" -Daily News

"...BEARDSLEY sang with dead-pitch accuracy nailing each note with bright-eyed arrogance"
-Los Angeles Times

"...alive, energetic, mischievous and vocally flawless"
-Opera International (France)

"KAREN BEARDSLEY seems to have stepped out of a Fragonard painting, her very presence burns the stage"
-Le Figaro (Paris)

"The special heroine on stage is Soprano KAREN BEARDSLEY. Not one of her moves is false- that's a singing actress, readers. Her "Max" is a joyous operatic firecracker and she may never live it down"
-The Village Voice


Karen, You are a phenomenal teacher! Thank you for this most beautiful evening, for challenging your students out of their comfort zone, for giving them an education, nurturing their talents and encouraging them to do their best. You are one of a kind! “
“Congratulations on a fantastic performance recital! And thanks, Karen, for your avid and consistent support of our children. You did it again. You make a difference in the lives of so many young people. You not only teach them how to optimize their voice but also how to enjoy and nurture their spirit. Thanks for your dedication and encouragement. We love you! “

“Karen Beardsley Peters has been one of the most positive forces in my live thus far. Not only is she a gifted singer, she is an amazing teacher who has become a role model to me. In High School, it is so hard for one to find her own voice in order to establish independence among her peers. The environment can take a huge toll on one’s self esteem. “

“Karen Peters is amazingly supportive. Her dedication is inspiring…she does more than just teach me voice; she teaches me that I am capable, talented, and most of all makes me want to strive to become the best version of myself. When she instructs, she exudes her love of music and her dedication to sharing that love of music with her students. She is supportive, positive, talented, patient, and, speaking from experience, a wonderful teacher. I am privileged to be taught by her."

“Karen, I came to you in the 7th grade outgoing and bubbly, but lacking the true attitude one needs to really pursue her dreams of a career as an artist. Working with you these past sic years has been inspirational to say the least. “
“ Karen, you have given me the confidence to always go for it, and always believe that I CAN do it if I want it bad enough and believe that I can do it. You are such an amazing person and teacher, and we are all lucky to have known you, let alone be taught by you. I hope that you will continue teaching for a long time because I know everyone you teach leaves changed for the better. I am truly honored to have been your student for the past 6 years!"

"I realized that I needed more than just instruction; I needed true support, guidance, and most importantly, a belief in myself. I found all of that and more in KAREN BEARDSLEY. She does more than just teach me voice...she teaches me that I am capable, talented, and most of all she makes me want to strive to become the best version of myself!"

"Even though KAREN BEARDSLEY is an accomplished and well-known singer, she is not intimidating, but instead is incredibly inspiring and exciting. She completely engages herself in her students' lives and their goals, however large or small they may be. She is an encouraging mentor."

"KAREN offers performance classes in which she teaches and guides her students to be more confident and to improve their performance skills. KAREN has an upbeat and positive attitude that has led me to appreciate music and performing very much."
"Studying with KAREN BEARDSLEY is the best move I ever made. KAREN motivates her students with endless positive reinforcement and energy. She sincerely cares about developing each student to be her personal best. KAREN has instilled in me a passion to pursue music and the confidence to never give up on my dreams."

"I consider becoming one of your students one of the best decisions I have ever made and I feel so lucky that I get to work with you on a weekly basis. I look forward to each lesson because your positive energy encourages me to do better, and reminds me why I love to sing. You have taught me never to be afraid and that I have the power to achieve anything with some practice. That is the gift I cherish the most. My lessons with you are the best part of every week!"